Wallstreet Trapper

Bridging the gap between The Trap and Wallstreet.

From The Trap To Wallstreet

From The Trap To Wallstreet isn’t just a brand it’s a movement dedicated to empowering and improving the financial mindset of urban America. The foundation of this movement highlights the power of the black dollar and the transition from it building wealth for other races and nationalities to allowing it to it building generational wealth for us and our families.
comprehend it.

From The Trap To Wallstreet specifically teaches investing in company stocks & bonds. Gone are the days when knowledge of wealth and how to attain it is spoken in a language where few could comprehend it.

The term “From The Trap”, refers to the Trap as a state or condition of a people being financially trapped and unable to find the path to financial freedom. It is also refers to the trapped mindset created from a place where illegal activities ultimately devours people and leads to them being funneled in a justice system where they are stripped of everything financially and emotionally.

The term “To Wallstreet” is the destination where wealth is the norm. It is a place where a bunch of rich and wealthy folks get richer. Therefore coming “From The Trap “ to “Wallstreet“ symbolizes escaping of the Trap to arrive on Wallstreet and adapting into a new surroundings, mindset and lifestyle.

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